Quick Ab Workout: Five Killer Moves, One Fun Song

Hello Again!

Sorry that I have been MIA on the blog for almost a YEAR! How has it been that long?!  I have been SO busy with my new adventure teaching dance, my kids who are a full-time job, and basically the daily life chores.  I am hoping to be posting here more often, but wanted to share something different than I have before… FITNESS!

This workout can easily be done anywhere and only takes 3 minutes!  All you need is the music, yourself, and a comfy place to lay flat on your back.

Notice when you lay flat there is a space between your back and the floor.  While doing ABS you should be filling that space by pressing your belly button to spine.  *By ALWAYS engaging your core, any workout will build core strength*


First Verse:

8 Crunches

8 Crunches (Ankles crossed)


8 Straddle Crosses

Alternate feet while dropping down to 6 inches

Alternate feet back up


8 Bicycle (Elbow to Right knee= 1)

8 Crunches

16 Pelvis raises

Repeat until the end!!


Stretch those muscles out in Mermaid…. OR hold plank for 30 seconds (or longer) afterwards for an extra belly burn!

This is such a fun, fast AND effective workout!  Do this morning AND night in just 6 minutes.  That’s a workout that busy mom’s can commit to!!







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