5 Tips for a Toddler Bed Transition!

We recently made the transition to a “big girl” bed and it was a learning experience to say the least!  Before I jump into what we learned, I wanted to explain a little why we did this.  My girls slept in a rock n play until they were about 5 months old and started sitting up, then we put them in a crib together!  At the time it felt giant compared to what they were used to, and truth be told they could both still fit; But I was scared to give them pillows and blankets because of how squished it would become.

I was already tossing around the idea of a bigger bed or a second crib, but it made my decision easier when my grandparents offered to buy my girls a twin size bed for their birthday.  When it arrived it was either haul it to the basement and try to keep it clean, or just set it up and hope for the best!  In hindsight I realize I should have expected the worse, because only a crazy person would put two one year old’s in a bed.

So we took down the crib and put the mattress on the floor, and watched as we saw the Pandora box we had just opened!  Both girls climbing up and down, giggling, jumping, and rolling all over the place!!  My tired twins were now instantly awake, so curious about their new bed, and wired with all this new found freedom!  Great, this was the first time I thought maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.

It has been one month since we made the transition and some days are easier than others!  I’d be lying if I said I never thought of putting the crib back up (especially after today’s event).  But we have literally made our bed and now we have to lie in it.

Without further ado, here are 5 things that help immensely in our transition.  Good luck mamas!


  1.  Keep the bed low to the ground!  My grandma almost died when I told her I was just putting the mattress on the floor.  I’m sure it seems a little “poor” to her or not nice looking, but it is 150% safer than being up higher.  I can’t imagine another foot drop for these shorty pants babies, but I have always had a montessori themed bedroom in mind so I personally like the look .  If you want more examples of these toddler rooms click here.  If you’re toddler is older and think they would do fine with a box spring and cute headboard, here is an option of adding a bumper to their bed!  We own one already and once they are older and I feel more comfortable I will be on the hunt for a cute little twin headboard!
  2. Lay with them until they fall asleep.  For me, getting up and going in there is always the hardest part.  But once you lay there with them, tracing faces and giving sleepy grins, I promise it isn’t that bad!  In fact, it’s one of the greatest things ever!!  I don’t have to do it all the time now, but it helps keep them in bed and makes them a little more sleepy to know mommy is tired too.
  3. Put the toys away!  I mean 100% hidden not just in a toy box!  Once I arranged to fit a toy box in their closet and could close the door it made the world of a difference!  Before that, it was impossible to keep them from getting into their toy box!  Even if all the toys were picked up you would see one baby slip out of bed, then another, and all the toys would be everywhere!!
  4. Baby proof!  I’m pretty sure I could still use some of this because my kids are always getting hurt in the weirdest ways!  Mainly because they try and climb up anything with their little monkey toes, always in competition to see who can be more fearless.  I suggest you fasten everything to the wall.  Double and triple check that every thing is sturdy! No cords plugged in and within reach.  ALSO no spaces where they can get wedged into.  I may or may not be talking from scary experience here so take note!
  5. Video monitor!  I am all about Amazon Prime and here is why.  When I needed a video monitor to watch my girls, it came to my house before I could ever get to the store!  I own this one and think it is great!  It came with a lot of features I love like the lullabies, intercom, and a picture frame back so it is easy to see!  My number one favorite thing about it though?  NO WIFI!  It creeps me out to think my babies could be watched by strangers.  More than creeps me out, more like keeps me up at night!  So I opted for one that can’t be viewed on my phone or anything fancy like that, but it’s safe.  I will choose safe and simple over fancy and dangerous any day!

While the transition has been hard it is also so worth it!  Early in the morning, both my girls play and chatter away while I get to sit for just 5 more minutes.  One of the rare moments where I am so glad I have two babies.  Hearing them pitter patter around and the way they run like they’re busting out of baby jail when I open the door are just a few of the things I never want to to forget.

I hope you found a few of these things helpful!  I know that they are lifesavers for us!  I hope you all have a long, fun weekend planned, or an even longer summer break!

Enjoy the rest of your night,

From my Nest to yours!


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