10 Tips For Taking Pictures With Toddlers

Happy May everyone!  I have been MIA since Easter and I have missed sharing posts with all of you lovely readers!  Mother’s Day is coming soon and if you are anything like me you can’t wait to relax and only hold the kids for a couple pictures!  Men reading this, take NOTE!!  All mothers want is to finally have a day off!  We do a lot to keep the family running!  All moms nod your head in agreement… it’s so true!  We love you; but we also like sleep, long baths, and quiet meals we didn’t have to make.  Let’s face it kiddos, you sometimes interrupt those things!  So this year I will to be calling it “Mom’s Day Off”!!!  Feel free to copy me;  you know you want to!  So without further ado here is a list of helpful tips for those “mom”ents you happen to grab a small child and pose for a picture!

10 tips for taking pictures with toddlers

  1. Make sure they are fed:  Trying to take pictures with hungry toddlers is like trying to pose with a pack of hungry lions!  Someone is about to get their head tore off!  Don’t even say things like, “He ate a little while ago, I bet we can make it through.”  I promise you will eat your words!  In fact, try and stuff them full because the fatter the happier right?!
  2. Sneak in a snack:  I bribe with cheerios or anything not too messy!   Try and hide one or two in the palm of your hand and sneak them a peek!  They will coming running your way like you gave them life!  Oh wait, you probably did but they still like food better!  That’s my girls!!  Hopefully this trick will let you steal a cheesy grin or kiss before they pry it from your fingers!
  3. Change them right before:  Toddlers are messy and so are their millions of snacks and drinks they need to stay happy!  We took pictures in all white outfits and I kept those dresses in the plastic they came in until we arrived at our pictue destination.  They stayed white for about two seconds and then someone sat in dirt.  Figures!
  4. Make sure they aren’t tired:  Trying to take pictures with tired toddlers is like posing inside of a bear cave in late winter with the flash on.  All hell is about to break loose!  Luckily for us, our kids sleep in the car and we hd a 45 minute drive to the greenhouse.  They woke up nice and happy (with weird, red lines on their faces) ready to pose for pictures!  I’ll take those lines over tantrums any day!
  5. Have someone trusted take the pictures:  I know for sure that Daddy can get a smile from his girls!  Now lets just hope he can keep his thumb away from the lens, everyone in frame, and try not to make it blurry!  I trust him, I really do.  Sometimes we all just need some direction and helpful correction!  Don’t you agree??
  6. Don’t see them all day UNTIL pictures:  This is my golden plan!  I will make sure someone has the camera ready, and make my debut for my little fan club!  I am hoping they will have missed me so much and can’t help but smile and hold onto Mommy!  After all it is my day!  Why can toddlers be so rude and disresptful?  Who’s kids are these anyway??
  7. Face the sun:  Many of you may be familiar with this, but you need to find your “light”!  We all know that toddlers love the bright sun in their eyes!  It is a guaranteed way to get those priceless, big eyed, wide smiled, perfect lighted pictures!  Guess it’s time to break out those sun glasses!
  8. Don’t pose, just play:  Okay, for reals this time!  We had such a hard time trying to pose with twin toddlers who were walking before one.  Like impossible hard.  So eventually we moved on to just walking around the nursery as a family.  Witnessing wonder in my girls eyes as they were surrounded by a million flowers.  They are 100% candid and nothing like we had planned, but I love it!  I will always look back and remember how it resembles the phase we are in perfectly!  Nothing goes as planned, they are busy little bodies, yet somehow make everything a little more magical!
  9. Have zero expectations:  Like I mentioned before I had some expectations of pictures that just couldnt be met, not to the fault of anyone but my two restless children!  You need to know that they won’t be “perfect” but they will be always be perfectly you!  Pictures capture the phase and the moment forever and should always be cherished!
  10. Take a million: You might end up with one you love!  Maybe more if you’re really, REALLY lucky, or have a great photographer like ours!

I hope you enjoyed a slightly comical and real life look at what taking pictures with toddlers entails.  It isn’t just “smile and look pretty” anymore!  In fact, taking pictures with twin toddles is nearly impossible but these tricks help!  And sometimes, just sometimes, we get one that turns out better than we could have ever hoped!  Let’s face it, toddlers are pretty darn cute and deserve to be photographed every second of every day!  That way I have proof of all the kisses (and kicks to the face) and blackmail to hold against them when they’re older!

Happy early “Mom’s Day Off”  to all you lovely ladies of the world!  Here are a few pictures from our session at a greenhouse!  I think they turned out to be perfectly us!





Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a great rest of your week and month of MAY! Summer here we come!!

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