The Best Compliment Ever

It was a long and eventful weekend at the Nelson’s!  It was my 4th time at this particular Bull Sale event!  Last time I was heavily pregnant, snored on the way home and I NEVER fall asleep in the car.  I waddled myself into a bath and was introduced to my cankles!  But I guess I got lucky to not have cankles for 34 weeks!  I thought last time was rough!  Which it was in a physically exhausted from growing two humans way!  This time though, it was a whole different kind of rough! It was keeping two toddlers off the dirt and happy for a FULL DAY event.  It was impossible!  I felt like I was fighting my two sweet babies all day because I could not keep them happy!  Even with the occasional help it still felt overwhelming and I knew my twins were not having a good time.  Which ultimately meant that I was not having a good time and to my own surprise, I find being around cows and gentleman all day a decent way to spend my time!  But this time, I had a terrible attitude. An attitude that started before we even left because I knew it was going to be a hard day of entertaining.  Yes, it was almost as bad as you can imagine.  I don’t blame my kids for being difficult because it was a DIFFICULT day for everyone.  It was new and different which meant there would be a lot of hiccups and a lot learning.  I do blame myself for dwelling on a bad attitude for most of the day though, and was thankful for a setting sun and a fresh new morning!

It was right before the last showing, it was past my kids bedtime and we had what felt like the longest day ever!  I was in the corner of the room pushing a stroller back and forth trying to keep everyone happy.  I was also wearing the biggest, ugliest frown imaginable!  I know I was.  I had been in my head telling myself how hard I had it, how the husband gets to be carefree, how much I wanted to be home and was dreading a long drive back (whenever that may be).  Then, a sweet old man needed to move his way through.  I did my best to allow more room, he smiled at my babies, then me, and said “Always smiling.”  I responded, “yes, they are pretty happy babies!”  In the back of my mind I was thinking they are really hard right now!! Then he responded with something that stopped me in my tracks.  “No, you’re always smiling.” he said and walked out the door.

Was he really talking about me?  I guarantee I have had what they call “bitch face” all day.  Thank god for sunglasses because they make me feel invisible and I know my husband can feel the glare through them anyway!  It’s a skill I have mastered and practiced a few times.  But here is this man, complimenting me on always smiling!  I felt like a bad mom.  A mean wife.  A rude person.  I tend to get caught up in my own thoughts and can become quite prideful and selfish, but this stranger didn’t see it.  I don’t know what that kind old man saw when he looked at me, but I am glad he did.  I am even more glad he felt the need to tell me, because it was just what I needed to hear.  It was a good reminder that a compliment can go a long ways.  That people are always watching and observing, and that sometimes we are doing better than we think!

Happy Monday from my Nest to yours! Here are a few pictures I snapped among the chaos!

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