You can’t be everyone’s favorite fruit

The title of this blog comes from one of my favorite quotes, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach, but there will still be someone who hates peaches.”  How true is that?

I have always struggled with an overpowering sense I need to give everything 110%.  That if I did that, I would never fail.  I have a tendency to become very anxious and my list of to-do’s can feel overbearing.  I see the dirty dishes in my sink as a sign that I have failed the day before.  That I could have done better or given that extra 10%.  Then I remember the extra time I spent outside with my kids on a beautiful Spring day, and I really don’t feel too bad.

I have always tried to be real and open.  I let you see my piles of laundry, dirty high chairs and kids in pajamas at 3PM. I have dedicated my Instagram, my blog, my Facebook to women like myself.  Mothers like me.  Who don’t have a perfect Marble kitchen or the loads of money to spend on adorably overpriced baby gear.  Or the trips to exotic places and totally candid pictures of a perfect family living in a tiny square on your phone.  I have never wanted anyone to look at my page and think, “I wish I lived her life.”  Instead I want you to look at it and think, “I can totally relate!”

Maybe because of this, and also the fact that I seem to be programmed this way, I get easily offended when someone doesn’t like me or in Social Media “unfollows” me.  I am not talking random people on the internet I don’t know.  I am talking people I have known since Elementary school.  People who I thought would love to see pictures of my twins’ and follow along.  I remember the first time I realized someone who I considered a “friend” unfollowed me.  All the questions of, “but why?” came in my head.  Followed by a quick unfollow from myself, because vengance tastes sweet on my tongue… don’t judge!  We aren’t all perfect.  We all can’t be someone’s favorite fruit.  It is a lesson I am still trying to learn, but here is something I have learned:

You can be a crunchy, granola mom; but not everyone likes that.  You can be a full-time working, providing mother; but not everyone likes that.  You can be a kick-ass stay at home mom of multiple kids; but not everyone likes that.  You can breastfeed your baby; but someone doesn’t like that.  You can formula feed but guess what?  You will find someone who doesn’t like that either.  You can cuddle and soothe that baby 24/7 thinking you are the best mother in the world; but someone will tell you to let them cry.

It is the hardest job in the world.  Totally cliche but 100% true.  To make matters worse you can feel you are doing the best you can.  Or even better than you ever imagined, and someone will say you are doing it wrong, or take offence that you think your way is right.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach, but there will still be someone who hates peaches.”

I hope you remember that and keep doing what is best for you and your sweet family.  Lord knows I will.

Happy Tuesday from my Nest to yours!



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