Twins TEN MONTH update!

I am starting to wonder where the last 10 months have gone! It feels like yesterday I had them but it also feels like I’ve known them a lifetime. The passing of time is bittersweet. Spring is fast approaching and I am feeling all the feelings AGAIN! Last winter I was heavily pregnant trying to fast forward to spring, now I am trying to figure out how to slow it down!  I have heard other twin moms say it goes twice as fast, and I have to believe them!  But, I LOVE watching them grow up together.
Opposites attract!  This is for sure!  Auri Anne and Ellie Perry are the greatest duo I have ever seen!  I am sure all twin mamas feel that way!  And you should!  I think their souls mesh perfectly together.  That one couldn’t leave heaven with out the other!  They honestly and truly complete each other!  Soul mates for life.  Womb mates as I have seen it put!  These two though, they are opposites in almost every way!  They sleep different, they eat different, they crawl different, they have learned different tricks and prefer different things!  It is crazy to me!  Auri stores all her food in her cheeks.  Ellie swallows everything whole!  Auri wants what Ellie has.  Ellie will go find something different {sometimes it’s a different story}.  Auri loves animals.  Ellie could care less.  Ellie understands no.  Auri loves to push it!  Ellie will do something first and Auri will watch her mistakes or success!  Or vice versa.  Ellie did have to learn her dancing skills from sister!  But Auri is watching Ellie climb couches, and she want to join too! 
They are small but they are mighty! Both girls are 5th percentile and below in height and weight,  But their heads are 50%.  I read in an article once that babies with bigger heads are smart.  I will choose to believe that one!  I’m not the only one who chooses what to believe on the internet right??  These girls can pack away some food though! They eat 3 meals a day, nurse 4 times a day, and eat a ton of snacks! They are busy, busy though! Nothing seems to stick to Ellie bean and what rolls Auri has, well, they are tiny and scrumptious!  Just like them!!
They are both still crawling, but Ellie is getting really good at walking! Just yesterday she walked into the kitchen! I turn around to see a two feet tall baby running my way! Please stop!!  She sticks her fishy face out still! I can hear the snorts just thinking about it!  She is a little sound machine!  Motorboats, wet raspberries, loud squeals and giggles!  She has even been growling at me if she is impatient.  So I will growl at her, then she will growl back!  The entertainment with these two!  It doesn’t help matters that Auri is watching and learning! Auri loves to watch sister walk and she loves to balance. She can stand without any help for long periods of time! She just hasn’t taken a step yet. I don’t blame her. Keep crawling little one!
Auri Anne also does the silliest things! She has learned to walk on her knees!  I think she learned it from pushing her walker that way!  It is the cutest thing ever!  So instead of crawling she is moving forward slowly with tiny little knee caps, bouncing the ENTIRE time as she goes! It is hilarious! She thinks so too!  She always gets this proud as punch look in her, and her daddies dimples get me every.single.time!
Speaking of Daddy. Dadadadadadadadada. That’s all I am hearing lately! I care for them 24/7 but they seem to like his name better! I know this phase will be short lived so I won’t get upset! Call for dad anytime you need. Especially at 3am!
They both are giving kisses now!! This deserves it’s own paragraph because 1.  They both kiss different, which I am not shocked about!  I swear they choose to do things differently than sister just because they can!  2.  They are giving kisses to one another!  They both go silent and have to focus so hard on not getting it wrong!  I die every.single.time!  Auri opens her mouth up wide and it seems like she is rooting around!  Which she has always done!  She grabs your face and slobbers ALL over you.  She even makes the cutest little humming noise as she does it!  Ellie on the other hand, puckers up those giant lips of hers and goes in like a professional!  It has made for quite the interesting kissing duo!  It melts my heart that they have so much love and friendship for one another!  They may fight, but at the end of the day they are snuggles up close to one another and sleeping soundly!
Kissing. Dancing. Clapping. Bouncing. Giggling. Knee walking. Real walking. Room exploring. Bath time lovers. Baby signers and big time climbers. Mama cuddles in the morning and 100% daddies girls when he gets home!
I LOVE having twins you guys!  Hearing them talk in their crib in the morning is the highlight of my day! It gives me that extra ten minutes where they entertain each other, and I can throw on some decent clothes or finish up what I am doing!  One of the few benefits of having two!  But oh man, when they get going for the day… they are all over the place!  For now, they always run together, you can hear them both playing where they {maybe} shouldn’t be.  Or fighting over one lone sock.  Who knows where the other one is?!?!  I am that hot mess mom.  But my kids don’t see it!  At least for now!
These little ones are growing beautifully! I can’t believe how smart and ambitious they are.  They are silly when they play together and can entertain each other all day!  For the most part, they do!  Well after I wipe two bums, and feed two babies, and keep two babies from ultimately killing each other!  Or at least causing one to lose an eye!  But really!  How did I get so lucky?? I feel so extremely blessed to have two healthy babies who are growing by leaps and bounds!  I sometimes wonder what life will throw at them. What obstacles they will face and why their spirits are so strong! I can tell already that they will not give up. They will not take no as an answer. They will not conform to my way, or anyone else’s!  Together, they can take on the world!  And with how crazy it seems to be lately, I am so glad they have one another!


  1. Rebekah says:

    Your girls are adorable! I have a ten month old myself; it’s such a fun age!! 😍

    1. says:

      Thank you! I have to say it might be my favorite age so far! But I say that every month!

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