Twins 9 MONTH update!!

9 Months In…..  9 Months Out!!

The twins turned 9 months old!! Let me tell you that they have grown so much in the last month! They both are doing different new tricks and I love it! I have one baby who claps and dances while another waves and even says “hiiii!” in the highest cutest voice!!  I love watching their different personalities take bloom!  I am sure they will be in full effect come spring!  I am still wondering where the past 9 months have gone, but when I see how much the girls have grown I start to believe that maybe it really is January and my babies really will be toddlers soon!
Ellie Perry: 14 lbs and 26 1/4 inches


You, my dear, are my wild child!  I cannot keep up with you and you are braver than I will ever be!  I am so proud of how fun and smart you are!  You can sign milk, more, and wave hi to people you recognize.  If you really like them they will be able to hear the sweetest, highest pitch “hiii” coming from your mouth.  It steals my heart every time!  You have the longest lashes and are a total flirt!  You give kisses and enjoy BOYS most of all!  She is such a Daddy’s Girl and I love it! I will take the freedom any chance I can get!  You have two teeth and have gotten hurt for the first time….. then a second time!  I could do a whole blog post about the trauma we have been through in the last month!  You are so close to walking and I can only look forward to more bumps and bruises from you. Who needs a boy when I have a daredevil like you, Ellie Bean??  If you see something you want, you tuck your head and sprint forward breathing happily as you go!  If you want something REALLY bad you will growl at Dad or I for it.  It is the cutest little gremlin growl I have ever heard from a little girl!  I think it is safe to say you are your father’s

Auri Anne: 15 lbs and 27 inches

You, my dear, are my angel!  You are so independent and play so well (alone).  You can sign milk, clap, and give wet kisses!  I am so proud of how fun and smart you are! You like to steal sister’s toys and are easy to please, even though getting you to smile and laugh can be tricky!  You are most entertained by Ellie and she gets the best laughs! You are always twirling your toes and dancing when you hear music! You love the dogs, clap when you see them, and will chase them around the house!  You love mom or dad equally and are my best nurser!  Even though you also have two teeth and have bitten me a time or two! (OUCH!)  You like to watch and learn.  You are more balanced, cautious and safe.  But boy can you move fast!  You only have two speeds and that is 0 or 100!  You are also the loudest of the two, your high pitched squeals can be heard well above sisters cries! If you don’t get what you want, you are a force to be reckoned with!  You have a switch that once flipped, everyone better move out of the way! I think it is safe to say you are your mother’s daughter!


 First Christmas and New Years!
 It was so fun to have two baby girls to spoil this Christmas.  It was by far our best Christmas as a family yet!  It is crazy to think just how much you have grown since Christmas Day!  You both are learning so much and we love watching you both grow!


The Nelson Cousins




 Santa stopped by!  



We are looking forward to your first Valentine’s Day, Superbowl, and Drill Competition!
We can’t believe you will soon be walking and talking!
We love you both so much!


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