The USA to UK: Labor Edition!!!

It was such a scary moment watching the ultrasound tech take measurements and asking questions.  I knew what I was seeing, Baby A was small.  Like 34 weeks small even though I was 36 weeks!  I was nervous for her.  Scared for her.  Did I do something wrong?  Mom guilt is real from the moment you become pregnant.  The doctor finally explained the situation.  Baby A was small and Baby B was breech.  There was a small chance that Baby A would carve the path so to speak, and Baby B could be pulled out by the feet, what they called breech extraction.  It would be best to opt for a C-section because it was safest for both babies.  The doctor wanted to double check measurements at Utah Valley, where I had also received ultrasounds, but it wasn’t an emergency situation even though it felt like it!  My baby might have stopped progressing but her fluids looked great.  Her heartbeat was strong.  I wanted to be seen that day, that minute!  I wanted answers, I wanted them both here so I knew they were safe and out of harms way.  I went home that night, being told I couldn’t be seen for 2 weeks… hello??  I am already 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins!  They wont allow me to go past 38 weeks, but they wont see me for two weeks?  This makes no sense!  These are my babies we are talking about!  This is important!  Someone see me RIGHT NOW!!  So after some calls, and a night of ugly crying over the stress I finally was able to get an appointment for Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  Little did I know it was the twins birthday!

Read the FULL LABOR STORY over at Molly’s Blog!  Motherhood starts to get real in this post you guys!  You’ll want to read all the nitty gritty details!  

Be sure to check us out next week where we share out MUST HAVES for 0-3 months! Thanks for reading!

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