The USA to UK: C-Section Edition!

Oh c-section! They seem so glamorous right?? No pushing for hours and no tearing “down there”. I promise it is not at all glamorous! It is just as bloody and gory as a vaginal birth, and recovery time takes a lot longer! I wanted an all natural-pain med free labor. When I found out it was twins I was told that wouldn’t be an option. So I still planned on a vaginal delivery! Up until two days prior where I learned that a size discrepancy and a breech baby would prevent that from happening! I was not prepared and wish I would have been. Although you have wrote down a perfect birth plan, just know that nothing in labor seems to go perfectly. It is so chaotic and a whirlwind of nurses and doctors ultimately making the best decisions for you and your baby (Or babies)! Molly and I have come up with a list of things that will help your c-section recovery! Even if it’s not in your plans it never hurts to be prepared!
Go check it out at Molly’s Blog!

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