Lipsense: First Impression and Review

Let’s talk LIPS ladies!  My favorite feature to play with!  Something about big sunnies and a bold lips just seems classic and timeless to me.  Think Audrey and Marilyn.  Never mind LOW maintenance,which is also one of my favorite things.   Since I am a mom of twins my whole face is constantly getting smudged, I am kissing babies, and drinking Dr. Pepper like its water; I need something that is going to stay on from sun up to sun down!  Lipsense has been on my wish list for a while!
Packaging:  Isn’t it pretty?  Give me ALL the gold you got!  It is easy to read, super simple, but still classic and timeless! It somehow looks like I could find it in my Grandma’s old Avon bag or in my 15 year old sisters!  The packaging doesn’t seem too “young” or too “old” and I think they did a great job finding something that appeals to all make up lovers.
Application:  When I first applied it seemed cold and slightly tingly.  I had heard of the tingling sensation from others, but it was much more minimal than I had expected.  If anything it just seemed cold!   One tip though: DO NOT PUT LIPS TOGETHER!  Until you put on the Moisturizing Gloss that comes with it, it is very dry and tacky.  I applied a couple layers of the color Napa, and allowed to dry for just 10-20 seconds!  Applied the Gloss and it made all the difference!  My lips felt smooth and the dry feeling went away immediately!  I haven’t had a chance to use the Oops! Remover yet but if it works like any of the other Lipsense products I know it works wonders!


The Color:  I applied a couple layers, only because I love a very bold dark lip.  I liked that I could control how much color I wanted, and adding an extra coat only took a couple seconds!  It lasted from 10 AM to 10 PM.  Through meals and messes.  Food and drink.  Kisses and slobber!
Removal:  I use baby wipes for everything.  Simply because I always have them on hand.  It removed the color so well!  I would bet that a makeup wipe would also do the trick.  Getting rid of the color was a lot easier than I had expected, which I also LOVED!  Because like I said before, I enjoy low maintenance!
First Impression:  I used it again the next day!  Does that answer your question?
Overall:  The product was easy to use.  Took 2 minutes MAX to apply.  Stayed on all day!  I was able to control how much color I wanted and it was easy to remove!  I recommend Lipsense for all lip lovers!  I may never buy anything else ever again!

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