For the Mom Whose Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night

I see you laying there all snug in bed, eyes shut tight listening to your baby cry.
I hear you praying to God that they go back to sleep.  That the crying will only last a second and somehow magically disappear into the night.
I watch you pull those covers back, groaning as you do, because the crying didn’t magically stop.  I watch you put those feet on the floor and drag your tired butt out of bed because you are needed somewhere else.
I feel your tiredness.  Your irritation that is quickly followed by mom guilt as you peer at your baby who is now back to sleep. I understand the frustration of taking the job on alone while your husband stays soundly sleeping.  It really is a talent of theirs.
You see, I know all of this because I’ve been there too.  I think all mothers have.  I have read countless sleeping guides and tips to get a baby to sleep through the night, all of them not helping.
One thing I have learned in this study of ‘sleep training’ is that there is no perfect way. What works for other mom’s has not worked for me, mainly because each child is different.  I know this first hand having twins!
Sleeping really isn’t a pattern at all. Once they started to sleep for longer hours at night and I became familiar with this new routine.  I learned a number of different things could happen to cause it to change again; The dreaded growth spurts and cluster feedings.  The teething and the sicknesses.
I see you nodding your head in agreement. If you aren’t because your baby sleeps through the night, then this letter isn’t for you.  It’s to the mothers’ like me waking up with two 10 month olds, while I see new moms’ celebrating because their baby slept through the night at 6 weeks.
I see you beating yourself up. I see you questioning what you are doing wrong and what you could possibly do to make it go right; Because sleeping a full 8 hours sounds heavenly right now!
Just know you aren’t alone.  Know that not everyone’s baby is sleeping perfectly through the night. Even though it may feel that way.
You are doing an awesome job! Whether your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years!
I see YOU. A loving mother dragging her tired butt out of bed because you are needed somewhere else. This, my dear was a letter for you! Keep your head up and keep mommin’ so hard! It isn’t called Mother-‘hood’ for nothing. We are all one giant group of badass mama gangsters with a tiny little posse to follow!
Happy weekend from my Nest to yours!

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