Start of a Family

On December 19, 2013 we said I do in a small white church in the middle of our two small towns.  It was the same church that Jackson’s parents were married 34 years earlier.  I am such a sucker for traditions, nostalgia, and all the sentiment my heart can hold.  (Can you believe I had to convince my MIL that we should get married there?)  She was uninterested in the sentimental idea, and maybe perhaps decorating two venues, but let me say that it was absolutely worth the torture!  Her tear-streaked face on our wedding day said it all.  Jackson, my dear, you married one stubborn lady!  It all fell together perfectly.  The whole ceremony is a special memory we will cherish forever, and I am so glad we were married in the same church as Jackson’s parents.  I can only imagine what it would be like to watch my youngest baby, marry his sweetheart under the same giant window that I had.  I would look at him and see his father, remember such a wonderful day and create a new special memory in the same white church.  Excuse me while I go cry now just thinking about it!

It was a winter wonderland.  Snow fell as we said I do.  The big giant snowflakes that instantly stick to the ground after they have waved and danced through the window.  The kind of snow where it is quiet and peaceful and you don’t want to leave any imperfections.  It was calm and beautiful as our loved ones were cozy and warm inside.  Friends, family and God watched us vow to love each other for life, it was the most beautiful day I could remember.  Our loved ones in heaven were sprinkling flakes down on us and everything felt completely right knowing that God was watching us, two unimportant people, become each others life partners and guides through life.  I could feel it in my heart that he was happy.  I remember thinking I needed to trap that feeling in a jar.  The feeling of being important to Him and knowing that he was watching a special union take place.  I felt the same way the day I met my daughters.  The moment, the day feels totally new and almost spiritual.  I would have twelve kids and get married twelve times to feel that over and over again.  How amazing it is to blessed in such ways, how wonderful to feel His love for you through these blessing and special moments.  I am not religious in any way, but I do feel that these past few years in my life have brought me so much spiritually closer to God. This day, our wedding day, was actually the first time I had thought of God in a long time.  I remember hearing hearing God’s name in our marital vows and it hit me like a brick wall that He was there in the room.  His presence was all around.  Why had I never realized?  I looked at Jackson’s face and was totally overwhelmed with comfort and love and still to this day cannot believe how blessed I am.

I recommend marriage for everyone! That day was 3 years ago but Jackson and I are still often asked if we are newlyweds… Can we still answer yes?  Or are we too far down the barrel?  That feeling of love and protection has only magnified since that day.  We have worked hard hand in hand for the past few years and have accomplished so much more together.  Happy Anniversary, my love, may we have many more memories to recall.  May we always remember how blessed and loved we are.  May we always strive to work hand in hand to create a life together.  That day was a beautiful start to our now beautiful family.  There is no one else I would rather grow old with than you.

On a side note:  We worked so hard prior to the wedding to make sure both venues looked beautiful.  We handmade mostly everything, decorated by ourselves, hauled things to and fro from Nephi to Delta and so forth.  I think we spent 12+ hours decorating in 2 days!  I am so glad that part is over and behind us.  A late thank you to all our family and friends who attended our special day, and an extra huge thanks to people that helped set up or take down!  I can’t say it enough when I say that we are truly, truly blessed!























































































































































































































































































































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