Twins ELEVEN Month Update!

** Pictures taken by a talented friend, Allsen Photography.  Check her out HERE!  She is seriously amazing!**

There is no way our twins will be ONE next month!?  I am in serious denial and total shock!  Each month just keeps going by faster and faster!  I never understood before becoming a mother why women got so upset about their babies growing up!  I thought I would love watching my children learn and grow and become little people! Of course I love all these things, but it also just makes a mom’s heart sad to see them get big!  I would never wish to keep them little forever, but I wouldn’t mind slowing it down a bit.  Like a lot.  Maybe a total redo?  Just kidding, these past 11 months have been crazy and I don’t think I have it in me to redo them! Could anyone redo their first year of motherhood?  If so, you are a super star!  I could press pause this week though!  It’s been beautiful weather and my babies won’t turn one until I want them to!  I could go for that!


Speaking of growing and becoming little people!  These girls are on a roll lately!  Their personalities are shining through and filling up our whole house!  I am LOVING it!  It is definitely double the trouble, but double the giggles and grins as well!  They are getting so much more independent and easier to take care of alone!  This twin mama is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Auri Anne is still crawling but she is LIGHTNING fast!  Her little bum and even her head gets into it!  Her whole body wiggles and she giggles as she goes.  She has really started being silly and showing off for us!  She is a total hoot!  She, for the most part has been my easier baby!  She is so good to go to anyone.  Always pretty chill and independent.  But, she is a total mama’s girl and I LOVE IT!  She is holding on to nursing and is pretty peeved at me sometimes when I don’t let her have it!  She has been taking a couple steps, but I can tell she is scared of falling and is going to slowly ease into it.  I don’t mind because I am sure she is going to take off soon!

Speaking of taking off, Ellie Perry (did I mention she is a little harder? Well, know you know!) is full blown RUNNING!  But she has to to keep up with Auri!  It’s the cutest sight to see one bum wiggling and another head bouncing, on two different levels chasing each other around!  I have heard it before, every baby is different, but I am witnessing it first hand with twins!  Ellie has both top teeth growing in, and Auri has no sign of those coming anytime soon!  Which is funny because they got their bottom two teeth within ONE day of each other.  They will keep me on my toes for sure!

Auri is a dancing queen!  I mentioned before she gets her whole body into crawling, but boy you should see her dance!  She shakes from head to toe!  I always mention to my husband that he will never understand the feeling of music taking over your body, it is something built into your DNA!  With Auri, I am a 100% believer that some people are just born to move and dance, and this girl was one of them!  It really does look like she is completely being taken over by the music, no matter what it is!  I can sing nursery rhymes or play our piano (no  I don’t play) and she will still dance like Flo Rida is coming through a loud stereo.  She is so silly and spunky!  With a HUGE temper.  The big old smack to the face from a head blowing backwards in a full blown fit has happened!  It was everything I ever dreamed!  Numb nose and cursing under my breath!  Who would’ve guessed that this sweet girl would do that?  I could’ve guessed!  She has had a temper since day one!  I will blame it on the Nelson side of the family, it a trait that seems to carry on and everyone talks about it!  I believe it because she is seeing red sometimes and I know it!  Best to place her down and walk away or someone is going to get hurt.  Depending on my mood it might just be her.  (Don’t judge remember?!  It’s only ever ever happened in my dreams and I still felt guilty!)

Ellie is a technology hog!  Don’t even bring a cell phone or a laptop around this girl!  She is OBSESSED!!  She holds them up to ear and carries on pretend conversations with herself!  It is darling!  It is also shocking that babies can pick up on those things that fast!  I feel like I must always be on my phone if she learned that!  Another mom guilt moment, but at least she looks pretty dang cute doing it!  She is also NOT SOCIAL at all!  She needs to lay off the cell phones!  She will go to hardly anyone.  She is a total daddies girl!  If he is in the room she wants nothing to do with me!  Even our nursing sessions have turned into her trying decide if it’s worth leaving dad’s arms for.  Sometimes she will and sometimes she won’t.  When she won’t though it’s normally because she isn’t hungry.  These girls can eat man!! For not being social though, she enjoys waving at people!  If they come up to say hi to her though, she will damn near jump out of the shipping cart trying to get away!  What a weirdo!  She did not get that from me, but I did marry someone who would rather make friends with the dog at parties.  So I have a slight clue where she may have got that from!

Both of them are eating lots and lots of real food!  We haven’t had any baby food for the past couple weeks, and they are loving eating off our plates!  I can tell they feel like such big girls feeding themselves and eating what the adults eat!  Maybe they will start getting some meat on those bones!  Or maybe they will just run it off!  They are busy, busy, busy!  Learning and growing into such sweet and sassy little spirits!  They are learning naughty tricks like tearing everything out of where it once was.  Or climbing on the couch like little monkeys!  Then running away once they see me coming because they know they shouldn’t be up there!  Together, they can figure out how to get into anything!  I will admit I sometimes sit and watch them get into trouble because it is hilarious to watch them work together, cultivating a plan to get into mischief!

It’s been eleven months and I still have to pinch myself that there is TWO beautiful baby girls before my eyes!  I can’t believe how blessed we are are! They give us kisses, call me mama, talk about dada all day and keep us all busy!  Happy eleven months baby girls, we love you both so so much and can’t believe you are getting so big!

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